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Aldo's Text-to-WAVE
Convert text, web pages or text copied to clipboard into WAVE, OGG or MP3 files.
Aldo Vargas
Text 2
Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose.
Sublime Text
Text Hawk Text Editor
Fast, multi-language Windows text editor that blends usability with simplicity.
Wingenuity, Inc.

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CZ-Doc2Txt Demo
You can convert Word to text, DOC to text, HTML to text and RTF to text.
Easy-to-Use PDF to Text Converter
Manage your PDF files as a plain text! It is easy-to-use, fast, and smart.
Text Inserter
CiAN Text Replacer
Search and Replace Text Blocks on text files and batch it on a single process!
CiAN Technology
Internet Text Speaker
Internet Text Speaker will read aloud any text you select in your browser.
A Software Plus
Insofta 3D Text Commander
Design 3D text logos and banners with customizable fonts and lighting.
Insofta Development
Read to Me Text to Speech
Structured Designs
Quick Stego
It lets you hide text in pictures so that only users can read the secret text.
C-Pen Core
C-Pen Core turns the scanned printed text into computer editable text.
C Technologies
Text Sorter
Intelligent Text Sorter, designed to aid sorting text in Microsoft Windows.
Darren Chow, Inc.

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Interactive Theater
It allows you to edit scripts for theater, cabaret, variety, television, etc.
Marcello Pietrelli
Easy2Convert RAW to TIFF PRO
Easy2Convert Software
Cok Free Auto Typer
It is a tool that allows you to input the same text over and over again.
Cok Free Software
A text manipulation utility to extract keywords from large amounts of text.
pdf to jpg tiff bmp text to converter
Convert Pdf To Docx,Inc
Screen Translator
It is an open-source app that allows you to translate any text on the screen.
Simply Text
Fully functional, straightforward text editor for Windows.
Approximatrix, LLC
PDF Files Text Extractor
It can extract text from PDF files and saves them to .txt.
AlgoLogic India